Modern imaging techniques have revolutionized many aspects of medicine and clinical research by providing more accurate diagnosis, guidance of surgical procedures and greater understanding of disease processes.

Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility supports research in this area through its Imaging Core, which encompasses the Edinburgh Imaging facility (WGH), the Edinburgh Imaging facility (QMRI), the Edinburgh Imaging facility (RIE) and our Image Analysis team.


Choosing the right imaging modality

It is important that you choose the right imaging modality for your study; our Imaging Study Information Administrator Dawn Cardy is happy to discuss your project and imaging requirements with you. For further information please visit the Edinburgh Imaging's page on Choosing the right imaging facility .

Image Analysis

Image Analysis is central to conducting successful and meaningful medical imaging research projects. Our image analysis facilities are equipped with high-spec workstations and specialised software packages. Image Analysis Our team are happy to share their expertise in image processing, manipulation and quantification and successfully train researchers and investigators in the use of specialised techniques. They also participate in the scientific work of research projects, and develop new image processing software and analysis methods.
For further details please visit the University's Neuroimaging Sciences page on Image Analysis Tools.
To contact one of our Image Analysis Team please visit our Edinburgh Imaging page.

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